Breeder of French Bulldog puppies in NY state - FunFrenchies is a reputable French Bulldog breeder, available French Bulldog puppies for sale NY state.

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Our good name and reputation have been blemished again by the new wave of scammers! Beware of names that are very simillar to Fun Frenchies claiming "super" deals which are fraudulent.
Our name is no letters, symbols or numbers before or after those words. or is not affiliated with us in any way or form!

Also, please be advised, we never ship puppies and always require personal contact with a prospective new owner! Please give us a call and we will be more that happy to give you all the details in person. I know, it is easier to email us "how much" and expect the answer but remember you are buying a living animal that you will be responsible for for many many years, hence, at least few minutes of conversation over the phone with us will help both of us to get to know each other better and answer more questions as they come along.
We sell only to loving companion or pet homes, we don't sell to agents, stores, breeders, concierge service, shipping companies etc
We are small, hobby French Bulldog Breeder, our Frenchies are loving and loyal, but also perky, affectionate, playful, and very funny; French Bulldogs are not too delicate for fun and games even with small children. French Bulldogs are good watchdogs yet not yappers (they don't carry on). They have low bark tone that sounds like a much larger dog. Training your little French Bulldog is easy, they are intelligent and quickly learn new concepts. I love training French Bulldogs with a "clicker", positive reinforcement and tasty food treats - French Bulldogs love to eat and are food motivated. French Bulldogs are the ultimate lap dogs that make awesome companion for people who like large dog personality in a small package with unprecedented tolerance, love and loyalty towards their humans.

Our goal is to better the French Bulldog breed by selecting only the most comparable parents and providing puppies with the best care while they are in our home and beyond.

At our home part of our puppy placing process is matching the right puppy with a loving family that is willing to give a nurturing environment and socialization to their new companion.

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