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French Bulldog puppy care information

Care instructions



Avoid- hot, sunny places without shade and water; short nose dogs can't tolerate heat well.
At home, if you can’t provide air conditioned area maybe cool basement floor or a fan can provide some comfort for the dog on hot days. Never leave any dog in the car unattended, car can reach 120F in few minutes on a sunny day. Cracked open window in the car will not be enough for any Bulldog in the Summer heat.
Giving dog ice cubes, wetting dogs head helps keep them cooler on hot Summer days.
In case of serious overheating rubbing alcohol applied to arm pits and groin area may help to save them. When trying to save them don't dump a bucket of icy cold water on them, this will put them into the shock. Luke warm water works better.


To protect against flees, ticks, mosquitoes, heart worms, ear mites and mange we use one topical product called Revolution it is a prescription item (you need to ask your Vet about it) we apply it to the back of dog’s neck monthly during warm months (May thru October), and a dose in January during Winter. Works very well, we’ve never seen a flee, tick, or an ear mite on any of our dogs for years. It is safe for young puppies and even during pregnancy. I love that product!


Your Puppy has been vaccinated against Distemper and Parvovirus, we suggest same shot again at 12 weeks of age, then at 14 weeks shot of Parvovirus vaccine (we like product called NEOPAR it is very high titer vaccine covering many different strains of Parvovirus) and at 16 weeks of age single Distemper shot. It is said that all earlier vaccines maybe killed by mother’s immune system still active in the puppy until 14-16 weeks of age, hence, those given at 14 and 16 weeks of age vaccines are very important to give immunity to your puppy for the year to come. Parvovirus is very real and dangerous disease in puppies under 8 months of age. It is extremely contagious, very common (especially in the Spring). One single ounce of infected dog feces contains about 35 millions of parvo particles, dog needs only a thousand to get infected, so you see, it doesn’t take much for a puppy to get sick. So please vaccinate! Of course you also must vaccinate according to the Law for Rabies (we try to postpone this vaccine as long as we can- it has been linked to some autoimmune problems at older age). These are our suggestions but remember your Veterinarian will be your best advisor when it comes to vaccinating and your dog’s health.

This comparison came from these are parvo titer per dose
(NEOTECH, LLC) Average serial
(Pfizer) serial 183615090,
(Intervet) serial 4019001,
Duramune KF-11
(Ft.Dodge) serial 1481474A,
Duramune Max PV (2b)
(Ft.Dodge) serial 1211008,


Basic grooming done once a month should provide adequate care for a coat, ears and the nails. Also, check ears on the inside for accumulated wax – this can be removed by squirting good amount of the ear cleansing solution into ear canal, massaging (folded  ear) for a few seconds, and then wiping it with a cotton ball. In case you want to use natural remedy: half  vodka (40-50% strong) and half of the apple cider vinegar mixed in the squirt bottle will have the same if not better effect as the ear cleansing solution. Red ears on the inside spell some type of trouble; when yeast infection is present you will see redness, sometimes swelling, and odor. Yeast does not like acid so regular washing with above mentioned solution of alcohol and vinegar should prevent it. Once yeast infection is present, you can use Monistat (female, over the counter, yeast infection product) or Preparation H to shrink swollen tissue and soothe the itch. Apply small amount to the ear canal, couple of times a day. If no improvement in 2-3 days consult your Vet.
Ear mites can be easily controlled and prevented by using Revolution (product I’ve mentioned earlier as an excellent flee, tick and heart worm protection remedy). Washing with alcohol/vinegar solution weekly will remove physically the debris. However if mites are present you need to get a medication to get rid of them. Pet stores carry variety of ear mite meds or your Vet can provide you with one. The sign of ear mites infestation is red/black/dark brown wax inside the ear, sometimes redness. Dogs most often will try to scratch their ears or will shake the head, but don’t rely on that, some dogs and puppies are very tolerant to discomfort and will show no visible signs (the reason for regular inspection of the ears). Dogs with infected ears will scratch themselves often to extend of ripping their skin or creating a hot spot and that could be a bigger medical problem.
Always when in doubt check with your Veterinarian.


When it comes to care for nails, if a dog has daily access to some concreted area ( during a walk or in an outside run) it will usually file its own nails just by walking and playing, if not they will need to be trimmed, be careful not to cut a quick (small vein inside the nail). Electric nail grinders are helpful because if you grinded too short the fast grinding motion of the machine will seal the cut and dog will not bleed. If the dog is bleeding because you've cut it too short with clippers, apply corn starch or flour to the bleeding nail and then apply presure for about 5 minutes.

Allergy/Skin Sensitivity Chart


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