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Food and Supplements for French Bulldog adults or puppies


First 2-3 days at home please feed the same food that I fed your puppy. To many changes are not good at this age. After that slowly mix in new food into food I fed: You've got some food from me, first 2-3 days give only this food, on a 4th day mix 2/3 of this food with 1/3 of the new food you will be using, on the 5th day mix 1/2 and 1/2, and finally on the 6th day, use 1/3 of my food and 2/3 of your new food, by the next day you can use 100% of your food. This will protect your puppy from digestive stress and possible diarrhea from changed diet. Your 8-10 weeks old puppy should be eating three meals per day for the first week in your home, after that, once the initial stress is over you can switch to twice a day.

Feed puppy good quality premium dry food 28-32% Protein and 16-21% Fat balanced for all life stages. We recommend minimum, or no supplementation during first 6 months only good quality dry food and fresh water changed daily.

We wean puppies on Royal Canin, Mini, Puppy or Eukanuba Small Breed Puppy. Feed twice a day dry and provide plenty of fresh water.

Feed your Frenchie about 20% less food then it is recommended by manufacturer on the bag (food companies exaggerate amount of food to be fed). Keep dogs at ideal weight.  Changing food every 6 months or so may diminish food deficiencies that are found in every brand and formula of dog food on the market. It is very difficult for me to recommend particular dry food (in my opinion none are perfect). Maybe you can find online good food that you and your dog will be happy with. We’ve fed before those foods and they seemed to be O.K. for French Bulldogs puppies:

Natural Planet Organics, Whole Earth Farms, Nutro High Energy, Royal Canin, and Eukanuba

FDA issued warning as to GRAIN FREE diets and possible adverse heart conditions!!! Be aware!!!!!!

Very important is the amount of Calcium and Phosphorus and their ratio. Beware some cheaper foods have too much Calcium in ash form. Calcium to Phosphorus ratio should be about 1:1 – 1.2:1 (the worst problems occurred in many studies when the Ca/Phos. balance was greater than 1.5:1). Amount of Calcium in dry food should be 0.7-1.2% to decrease incidence of developmental orthopedic disease (hip and elbow dysplasia).

Puppy goes through increased growth phase between 2 and 6 months of age – feed during this time increased amount of food to accommodate for the growth. After that one and a half cups (12 ounces) max for an adult FRENCH BULLDOG per day of good quality dry kibble. Bulldogs have very fast growth rate early in life, it only takes 7-8 months to reach mature size in height and length. Muscle and bulk keeps developing until they are two/three years old.
Avoid – raw hide chews that looks like tied bone, those can be unraveled to a few feet in length and suffocate the dog when he/she will try to swallow it – if you like raw hide, use ground up and molded to a bone shape treats. Also, avoid cooked bones (beef,pork, chicken etc...doesn't matter what kind) they can splinter and damage the intestines.

Here are some treats good for Frenchies

Raw ground beef, lamb, venison,  chicken or pork with bone up to 50/50 meat to bone ratio ( never give cooked bones - only raw bones with meat on it) , raw  or soft boiled eggs, yogurt, cottage cheese, small cubes of cheese (you can freeze them for Summer treats), watermelon with rind, bananas, apples, carrots, and any fruit or veggie they are willing to eat. Please use fruits in small amounts - no more then a couple of ounces per day.

                                                                              Well-balanced diet

Unlike their human owners, dogs are expected by many pet food companies and veterinary professionals to eat 

the same food twice each day, 7 days a week, year-after-year. And frankly, that doesn’t seem to us like 

“a well-balanced diet”. Since there’s probably no such thing as a perfect dog food, it’s reasonable to assume

 every product is deficient or excessive in some way. So, feeding the same ingredient meal-after-meal, day-in

 and day-out almost certainly magnifies the risk of creating adverse long term consequences for our pets.

Remember “They are what they eat, so choose wisely”

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